Who we are

Spring 2022 Announcements

It is with great enthusiasm to announce that Women in Business will resume in person activities for the Spring. We will host guest speakers and alternate between socials every Monday at 6:30p.m. in McCoy. Guest speakers will be announced a week prior to Monday on Canvas. We’re excited for what we have planned and look forward to seeing each of you.

Our Mission

The Women in Business Association at Texas State University strives to increase members’ knowledge and involvement of women in the world of business. WIB is dedicated in providing women with the professional resources they may not find else where in order to thrive and succeed within business. More specifically, we provide meaningful career direction, professional network development, and opportunities for growth. 

Core Values

These core values will further be the foundation for Women in Business and our events.

  • Educate women about the business world to foster professionalism and growth
  • Engage in meaningful philanthropy to impact the lives of the greater community
  • Build personal networks for our members by hosting social events