Being a college student is hard – like really hard. Sometimes we need resources that aren’t utterly boring to read or listen to. This is the page where podcasts, books, articles, blogs, study tips, and so much more will be posted. All of these resources are free and are here for you to use on your own time.

Advice for Post-Graduation

I found this great article written by Brittney Morgan that gives advice she wishes she had when she graduated college. I think this could be helpful for any of our members who are graduating soon, enjoy!!


Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth

When Women Lead by Julia Boorstin

The Leadership Gap by Lolly Daskal

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

She Means Business by Carrie Green

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero


The Goal Digger Podcast hosted by Jenna Kutcher

  • Favorite Episodes:
    • 637: That Sucked… Now What? Listen to This.
    • 623: Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Finances
    • 620: How to Leverage Where You Are to Get to Where You’re Going
    • 609: Ways to Get Unstuck and Discover Your New Direction

Women at Work by the Harvard Business Review

  • Favorite Episodes:
    • The Essentials: Getting the Feedback You Need
    • Leaders to Learn From
    • What It Takes to Make a Major Change

Women Inspiring Women

  • Favorite Episodes:
    • 227: What To Do When NOTHING Feels Like It Is Working
    • 201: Leading Yourself Out of Crisis Mode & Back Into Your Sweet Spot!


Xo Necole

  • Promotes positive images of females and gives advice on a wide range of topics. This blog will leave you inspired and empowered. A great aspect of this blog is that you can post your personal opinions and stories for others on the platform to see.

Personal Excellence

  • The author of this blog encourages living your life beyond working a great job and making lots of money. If you’re looking for inspiration to get in touch with your emotional and personal development, this is the blog for you.


  • Christine Arylo encourages women to live the life they want in the way they want. Her content focuses on women empowerment, self-love, and motivation.

The Financial Diet

  • This blog is an excellent platform for young women to learn about money management and how to budget your money responsibly. It aims to empower you when it comes to your finances and to embrace your earnings.

A Girl in Progress

  • If you’re like most college girls, you’re probably still figuring out what you want to do in life and who you want to be. This blog explains how to encourage motivation, love, and development within yourself.


College is expensive!! Here, we will post any and all scholarship information we can find so that our members can have access to external resources that are no solely through the Texas State University system.

Websites with Scholarships

Texas State Scholarships

Application Tips