President & Founder

Alina Jaffer

Alina oversees the organization and each of its board members as they relate to empowering young women in pre-professional careers. Specifically, she focuses on the execution of events, meetings, and external relations. Alina is a graduate student in the M.Acy program and plans to work at Deloitte in Austin. She can be reached at asj55@txstate.edu.

Director of Member Relations

Cameron Moreno

Cameron is in charge of all initiatives that build rapport with the greater TXSTWIB community and the larger collegiate network. She works directly with the members to ensure an authentic experience and better improvement for WIB. You can find Cameron at mlr300@txstate.edu

Director of Finance

Shelby Garrison

Shelby is responsible for facilitating sponsorship conversations, collecting member dues, and WIB’s budget. Shelby graduates in December of 2021 with a degree in Finance and plans on using the knowledge she’s obtained at Texas State to pursue a career as a financial analyst. She can be reached at slg203@txstate.edu.

Director of External Affairs

Dana Al-Sayyed

Dana manages and builds relationships with external professionals. Additionally, she organizes speaker events for both prospective and WIB members. Dana is studying Business Management and plans to graduate this December. You can reach her at dma81@txstate.edu

Director of Marketing

Caroline Coffey

Caroline works to promote our club through a multitude of creative social media posts. Additionally, she creates attractive merchandise for the members. She is a Marketing major at McCoy. She will be graduating May of 2023. She can be reached at cdc250@txstate.edu.

Director of Internal Affairs

Trinity Gaffron

Trinity takes initiative to reach out to different faculty members and to draw the attention of Texas State students. She establishes strong connections with the faculty to bring the most relevant speakers to the meetings, and help give different perspective to our members. She can be reached at trinity.gaffron@txstate.edu.

Director of Philanthropy

Sabrina Oquendo

Sabrina is in charge of planning and overseeing Philanthropic events. She schedules and attends different events to participate in as the sole priority for this position. She can be reached at s_o191@txstate.edu