Ashley Szabo

Ashley is in charge of all initiatives that build rapport with the Women in Business community and the greater collegiate network. She works directly with members and the board to ensure an authentic, welcoming experience for WIB and handles the oversight of the organization. Ashley ensures the members are getting the most out of Women in Business. She ensures that all events and opportunities are truly beneficial to members so that their time as a member of WIB is valuable.

Contact Ashley at heb98@txstate.edu

Vice President

Ashley Pastor

Ashley overlooks any necessary procedures to ensure WIB is efficient and effective in achieving its short and long term goals. She assists the president in carrying out activities such as coordinating, communicating, and executing plans to consistently help WIB excel as an organization.

Contact Ashley at alp275@txstate.edu


Daniela Calderon

Daniela is in charge of all bookkeeping tasks and data related to membership. She regularly keeps track of philanthropy and social points for each member in order to ensure accurate records. As secretary, Daniela holds the board and the organization accountable for attending important events and keeping track of meeting minutes.

Contact Daniela at hvz7@txstate.edu

Director of Finance

Emily Kent

Emily oversees the financial planning and allocation of funds for the Women in Business organization pertaining to handling dues and budgeting for the year. She ensures to maintain our financial records with accurate bookkeeping in order to provide the best experience possible for our members.

Contact Emily at ehk12@txstate.edu

Director of Marketing

Masyn McCool

Masyn focuses on promoting the Women in Business Organization through a variety of social media sites to keep members informed and updated, as well as broadcast important information and events. She is responsible for designing and maintaining the WIB website. She creates content for social media and would love to receive any posts you may feel are important to be posted!

Contact Masyn at mdm414@txstate.edu

Director of Philanthropy

Emily Watts

Emily works to plan meaningful philanthropy events that allow WIB members to positively impact the community. Additionally, she searches for events that best fit our core values and goals. She is dedicated to providing members with beneficial opportunities that allow them to serve their community and learn valuable skills to further their development.

Contact Emily at edw52@txstate.edu

Director of Internal and External Affairs

Amanda Xavier

Amanda takes initiative to reach out to different faculty members and business professionals in the community to draw the attention of Texas State students. She establishes strong connections with faculty and outside business professionals to bring the most relevant speakers to the meetings and aims to provide different perspectives to our members. Amanda also does registration related to WIB to attend different TXST events like the Women’s Leadership Symposium.

Contact Amanda at aax1@txstate.edu

Director of Member Relations

Juliette Nambo

Juliette is one of the Directors of Member Relations and hopes to help bring connections through the socials, mixers and other events. She aims to ensure that every member feels welcomed while enjoying their time amongst fellow members.

Contact Juliette at jmn127@txstate.edu